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Talent Concept
● Development planning
Xingda cable to promote the "strategic human resources management" to "from the labor-intensive industries to technology-intensive industries, from commodity management to the simultaneous transfer of goods and capital from the domestic market to domestic and international market and transfer" for the development strategy , Achievement Xingda "three years quadruple, five years of domestic first-class, ten years a world brand" grand goal.

Strategic Human Resource Management
In order to smoothly promote the "strategic human resources management", Xingda in recent years the introduction of a group of good educational background and rich practical experience of talents, they are new blood into the new Asia, and the new Asia and seek common development, comprehensively enhance the Xing To meet the challenges of the global confidence and competitiveness, Xingda pointed out the future direction of development, opening up the cable into the internationalization of the first step.

● Career Development
Xingda cable is committed to "the enterprise into a learning organization", with specialized training institutions, with experienced trainers and internal trainers, formed a system of corporate training standard system, providing staff to achieve job promotion and The overall quality of the development of personal opportunities to develop a new sub-own professional managers, their own elite team.

● Incentive mechanism

The company established a comprehensive performance-oriented assessment system, the implementation of quarterly assessment, full staff rankings, rewards and punishments timely and clear, the results of the assessment directly with the staff salary and year-end benefits linked to the competition incentive system.

Xingda cable will be a flexible mechanism for private enterprises, to provide you with the full elites to display their vast space to create the best value to achieve their own business platform, a talent to fly the dream paradise!

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